Iris is a rainbow-colored she-dragon with a feathered tail and wings. She is an Amphithere Dragon.

Additional Info

Iris was born to Laelia and Adonis, Silent Forest Tribe members. Her brother is Chrysanthos. She had a very happy and care-free life like most of the tribe's dragons. She has always loved flowers and trees. She once fell in love with a dragon named Silvanus, but he was killed by a rogue dragon. She is now the Queen of the Silent Forest Tribe. At first, she did not like her king, Xaphan, but now she is starting to love him.


  • She is close friends with Avi Luna.
  • She was destine to become the next queen of the Silent Forrest Tribe, even before she was born.


Iris (E)Egg

Icy's Artwork


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