Jake is a young golden retriver with brown eyes. He wears a red bandana around his neck. He is a main character in When the Wolves Sing.

Jake is a working dog that lives on a farm with his father, Rusty, and his mother, Sunny, who are both golden retrivers. He has no siblings but his best friend is a cat with one eye named Winks.

One day a young wolf pup named Livia shows up and he talks to her. Jake tells her that he thinks the sound of the wolves howling is pretty. However, the farmer and Rusty, Jake's father, see Livia and try to kil her. Tallulah, Livia's mother, attacks Rusty before he can kill Livia, but she gets brutally injured and eventually runs away, only for her to die later. Jake gets angry with his father and says he would never forgive him for hurting his friend's mom.

Jake has a good relationship with the farmer's daughter. (Who is sixteen) Ususally after he gets done with his duties for the day, the twwo go outside and play until dusk. Jake is not allowed to stay in the house because he and his father have flea, being working dogs, but sometimes she lets him sneak into her bedroom at night.



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