This is where you put your kittypet's name and decription for roleplaying.


Amazonia - A fluffy white she-cat with ice blue eyes and a dark blue collar. Roleplayed by: Icy

Mickie- A bright orange tom with blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Prickle

Scarlet: A dark ginger she-cat. Roleplayed by: Silver

Blaze - large, brown and ginger tom with blue-green eyes and a blue collar. Roleplayed by: For Adoption

Scorch- A ginger tom with amber eyes and a red collar. Roleplayed by: For Adoption

Fox: a tom that looks some what like a fox. he has a dark red color and is looking for a mate. Roleplayed by: Silver

Zoonies: A gray and brown molten she cat. Roleplayed by: For adoption

Alaria - very pretty creamy brown tabby with sappire blue eyes and a lime green collar. Roleplayed by: Prickle

Snook - Ginger and white tom with eyes that change color from amber to green. Based on Mossnose's pet cat. Roleplayed by: Moss

Bronte -Young (a little older thank six-moons old) light brown she-cat with black patches and a purple and white and green collar. Roleplayed by: For Adoption

Willow - tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Nemo - Fluffy black and white tom with a neon green collar with blue stripes. Roleplayer: Faolan & Fuzzy

Furball - a calico she-cat with amber eyes with a pink collar. Roleplayer: Cinderpelt1234

Snickerdoodle - a blonde tom with blue eyes with a  neon green with neon pink dots for a collar. Roleplayer: Julie9067

Midnight - Pretty black she-cat Roleplayer:Skaarsgurd

Blossom - Pretty white she cat with blue eyes. Roleplayer: Moony

Dark - Shadowy black Tom with green eyes and a white spot on his chest. Roleplayer: Faolan & Fuzzy

Cookie - cream she-cat with brown flecks with brown eyes and a brown collar. Roleplayer: For Adoption

Emily - A calico she cat with green eyes with a lime green collar. Roleplayer: Cinderpelt1234

Tom - A grey he cat with green eyes and a blue collar: Roleplayer: Cinderpelt1234

Frosty - muscular, white tom with shocking, blue eyes. Roleplayer: Silver

Patches - pretty, tortie she-cat with a black patch around her eye. Roleplayer: Silver

Codie - Pretty light tortioseshell she-cat with a orange and blue collaw. Roleplayer: Faolan & Fuzzy

Peanut - A light yellow tabby tom with brown eyes (is only 4 moons). Roleplayer: Faolan & Fuzzy