Laelia is a gold she-dragon with silver eyes. She is an Amphithere Dragon.

Additional Info

Laelia was the mate of Adonis. Her son was Chrysanthos and her daughter was Iris. They lived in the Silent Forest Tribe. When Adonis left her and their children, she had already been ill for a very long time. She never told anyone about the disease that was slowly killing her, but one day she could not control it any more. She collapsed in her den alone. Chrysanthos and Iris found her, and the Queen at the time, Ione (Who is also her sister), treated her. Sadly, she died shortly afterwards. For some strange reason, she is trapped in The Dark Caverns.


  • She has quite a temper for an Amphitere, and she passed that down to her son.
  • She tends to "choke" while yelling at people.
  • She loves Adonis, and he loves her back.

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