Lakestorm ~ large, handsome, slender, black and white tom with silver tabby patches and blue eyes. He's the new deputy of Shadowclan for now.

About Lakestorm

Lakestorm is ShadowClan's best fighter and hunter. He is proud of his three kits and his mate, Doveflight. He has an easy-going personality and challenges anyone who insults his clan. He has excellent hunting and battling skills and passed it on to his daughter, Riverpaw.


His mother is Sparklecreek (light brown tabby she-cat) and father is Swiftshadow(black and white tom). His siblings are Oakshade and Fallowkit. His half-siblings are Pouncestar and Miraclesky. His mate is Doveflight (dove-gray she-cat). His sons are Acornpaw (light brown tom) and Dustypaw (dusty brown tabby tom). His only daughter is Riverpaw (undersized calico she-cat).

Story Now

He is now deputy of ShadowClan.


He is mentioned by Thrushpaw in Thrushflight's Past and Dustypaw in Rising Shadows.

He appears as deputy in Mysterious Waters.


Coming Soon


"Well, take that catch back to the elders!" ~ Lakestorm to Riverpaw.

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