Current Clan ShadowClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Kit: Lighningkit

Apprentice: Lightningpaw

Warrior: Lightningblaze

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Stormpaw (Brother)
Mentor(s) Fireshadow
Fanfics None Yet

Lightningblaze is small, pretty, fluffy, white she-cat with tortoiseshell patches and brilliant ice blue eyes. She has a lightning-shaped scar on her left eye. She's a ShadowClan apprentice.


She is known to be really fast. She is the lone wolf. She is tough, but sometimes is nice. Her mentor is Fireshadow, one of the most short-tempered toms in the clan. She is frightened since a dark gray tabby tom took her in her sleep and knocked her out. She hates being the smallest apprentice in the clan. She is the best hunter in her clan.


Lightningpaw and her brother were pretty much born at the same time. They killed their mother that way. Their father was angry and swiped at them. He give Stormpaw and Lightningpaw their scars on their eyes. Lightningpaw never saw her parents since her father give them to ShadowClan.


Her parents are unknown. Her only sibling is her brother Stormpaw (handsome, pale brown and white tabby tom with ice-blue eyes and a lightning-shaped scar on his right eye).

Character Pixels

Coming Soon


  • She and Stormpaw truly are twins.
  • It's revealed that she is part-RiverClan.

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