Livia is a light brown she-wolf with blue eyes. She is a main character in When the Wolves Howl. She is next in line for the alpha position. Her parents are Lupus and Tallulah.

Additional Info

She goes out to look for Rain with Rain's siblings, Falcon and Brook. Falcon and Brook don't want to go down to a farm that Livia spots, but Livia goes to see it without them. She meets Jake, a young golden retriver who works at the farm. Jake's father, a working dog named Rusty, sees Livia and attacks her, because the farmer makes Rusty attack trespassing creatures on the farm. Tallulah follows her daughters sent to the farm and attacks Rusty, and eventually dies after the farmer finishes her off by shooting her. Livia is told to run off by Tallulah, but she does not return to her pack because she thinks it was her fault Tallulah died.

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