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Chapter 1:Hated and Forgotten

All the foals of the Army of the Sea laughed at a tiny, chestnut tobiano foal. He was born about a week ago, but was much smaller than your average foal his age. His bright blue eyes were filled with fear as the other foals called him names and pushed him around. He saw his parents in the distance with his older brother. They were laughing and smiling as his father taught his older son fighting moves. The chestnut foal looked back at his younger brother as their parents galloped off. Pity filled his eyes, but he did not move to help or leave. "Come one, Swooping Eagle!" said their mother. The chestnut tobiano foal looked back at his brother, hoping that he would help him. Tears filled his eyes when his older brother ran off with his parents, not turning back to help....

Chapter 2:The Young Herbalist

"Wave Splash! Get over here with those poppy seeds right now, you stupid little runt!" shouted Screeching Seagull, the old herbalist. A small, chestnut tobiano stallion ran up to his mentor. He dropped the poppy seeds at the old horse's hooves. "Here are the poppy seeds, you lazy moron," muttered Wave Splash. "What was that!" shouted Screeching Seagull. "Nothing, sir," replied the young stallion, quickly. The old herbalist narrowed his eyes at his rookie. "Go put the herbs away, you ungrateful little (beep!)," said the old herbalist, angrily. "Yes sir," said Wave Splash, forcing himself to. He put the herbs on the shelf.

"Now!" shouted Screeching Seagull. "Go find some watermint." "But sir I already gathered some today," replied Wave Splash. "Then go find some more!" yelled Screeching Seagull.

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