Luna is a snow white Turtle Dove

Additional Info

Luna what a Turtle Dove who was spared by Aeolus. After he let her go, she pittied the tomcat who was obvously depressed and confused, and decides to befriend him. Even though she can not speak cat, she can comunicate with him through body language.


  • The Religion of Birds is a complex system of the personification of things that have to do with the sky: Clouds, Rain, Thunder, et cetera. When Luna is speaking (or rather signing) to Aeolus about the Religion of Birds, the personification of the abotic factors of the sky are always capitalized.
  • Along with the traditional mournful-sounding song of the average Mourning Dove, Luna can also make random tweeting noises that can convey her expression more effectively.


"Birds too trust in legends. But myth can not always be trusted. We belive that Sky and Cloud our are guardians, and will never harm us. But they are why Mother died. Struck by Lightning and sent into flame. Too will this fate happen to your daughter, unless she learns to think in the present, and not through the minds of the past."

- Luna to Aeolus

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