Lupa is a pale gray she-wolf with bright yellow eyes.

Additional Info

Is an ancient Umbras Pack wolf. She is very timid and is not ambitious at all. As a pup, she spent most of her time in the elder's den learning about healing and medicine. After Umbras and Harayama died, she was chosen as alpha female. Even though she was the alpha female to Mars, she never had pups with him because they never liked each other that much.

Lupa is now a resident of the Stella Pack. She has a friend named Mnemosyne She sends visions to the living Lupa of how frightening Nox Pack really is. The living Lupa attacks the dead Lupa before she can send the visions of blood and war. She tells the living Lupa how she needed to know about Nox Pack and their cruelty, and Caligo. She sends Lupa back to Umbras Pack. Lupa gives the other Lupa a gift to sense pain or death so she can honor their spirit when they pass.

Lupa likes to ask Mnemosyne about her memory alot, which makes Mnemosyne annoyed, although Lupa doesn't do it on purpose.

Life Picture

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