Lupa is a white she-wolf with one green eye and one blue eye. Her blue eye is blind.

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Current Pack Umbras Pack
Past Pack(s) Lone Wolf

Mother Wolf: Lupa

Other Wolf: Lupa

Apprentice: Lupa

Pup: Lupa

Mother Breeze
Father Keefe
Littermates 3 unnamed pups
Mate Vulcan
Pup(s) Amaterasu (others might be added soon)
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Rylo (unofficially)
Roleplayer Moss


Lupa was born to Breeze, who was hit by a car a couple moons after Lupa's birth. She is soon found by Remus of the Umbras Pack, who named her Lupa, after an ancient alpha female, Lupa.

Lupa, an ancient alpha female, shows Lupa visions of blood and war so she knows about the terror of Nox Pack. She is thought to have gone mad, because she barely groomed herself and her eyes twitched awkwardly and she kept sreaming about how Nox Pack would kill all. Lupa regained her sanity after confronting Lupa in Stella Pack.

A rogue wolf named Vulcan appears in the Umbras Pack camp. Lupa is supiscious about him, but a blizzard starts and they end up trying to survive together. After it is over, Lupa is unconsious and gets medical help. Vulcan stays with her through the night. They become really good friends and eventually start to have feelings for each other. Vulcan saves Lupa from being swept away in the Tiber. She catches a sevre chest infection that started out as a cold.

Lupa helps fight the Mares when they attacked camp. She offers to rain Rylo because he is blind and Lupa has a blind eye herself. She reveals she loves Vulcan.

Lupa is currently expecting Vulcan's pups.

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  • Lupa is a female name that means "wolf" in Latin.
  • The Stella Pack Lupa gave Lupa a special ability: To sense pain or death. It was so she could find out how they did/where they died/when they died/how they will die if the wolf is dying. She howls when she finds them/after they die, out of respect and kindness for the dead wolf.
  • Lupa's new mate, Vulcan, is named after the Roman God of Fire, because he was born in a fire
  • Lupa might have predicted Caligo attacking Umbras Pack, because she kept saying, "Nox Pack will kill all!"

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