By: Edme4ever


Whitefur moaned as two little furballs slid onto the mossy den. Puddleclaw, the medicine cat, licked them clean with Grasspaw's help. Puddleclaw stood up and mewed "One's a tom and the other....well the other died." Whitefur shrieked as tear's streamed from her eyes. "Its all my fault!"  Her mate Fireclaw licked her oily tears away and sighed. Puddleclaw carried out the dead kit and placed it on a moss bed. Whitefur felt like she was choking as she gulped before she strained to say " I want to name the tom please." Fireclaw nodded and nudged the tom closer to Whitefur. "Wolfkit" Fireclaw smiled then purred with satisfaction. "It's a beautiful name," he exclaimed.

Chapter 1 - Outside the nursery

Wolfkit opened his eyes, but couldn't see anything. He started to worry but closed his eyes again and waited. Minutes later he opened his eyes again only seeing darkness; he started to wail. His mother, Whitefur, nudged him and asked "What's wrong?" "I...I...I can't see!" he replied. Whitefur gasped and yowled "Puddleclaw!" Puddleclaw raced in panting as she asked "Yes?" "Wolfkit said he can't see!" Puddleclaw sighed as she look at Wolfkit's eyes and mewed "He's blind."

Wolfkit squealed in terror and jumped up as Mosskit bit his tail. He swung around and hissed at her. She laughed and ran out of the nursery wailing "You can't catch me! You can't catch me!" Wolfkit sighed and mewed "Mom? Can I go play with Mosskit?" Whiterfur stopped her conversation with Goldenheart, who was another queen, and nodded to Wolfkit as he sprinted out the entrance.

"I'm gonna get you!" he squealed, "but you can't see me!" Wolfkit growled and tackled Mosskit. Mosskit threw him off and tackled him again. Fireclaw padded up and picked up Wolfkit purred "you gotta be careful." He nudged Mosskit forward and mewed in a muffled noise " go to Goldenheart please." Mosskit padded away as Wolfkit squirmed out of Fireclaw's grasp and sprinted off crying; I can take care of myself!

Wolfkit had no idea where he was going, but he didn't care. He liftedhis head and tasted the air; Oh no! Dad's coming! He sighed and laid down where he was hearing his father yell at him. "How coukd you run away!" he scolded, "You will never do that again!" he hissed. Wolfkit closed his ears as Fireclaw growled "your almost 6 month's I expect more from you!"

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