Lyla is a beautiful, snow white she-wolf with bright, green eyes. She has a long scar down her flank that looks like a snake.

Additional Info

Lyla was born to two Umbras Pack wolves. Her brother was Theo, but he was thrown into the Tiber by Obscruan to die. After that day, she vowed to show Umbras Pack the light of a new leadership.

Lyla is not truly evil, but her mind was clouded by the death of her brother. She is the leader of "The Rebels" and hates the current Alphas was a passion. She is incredibly strong and fast. There is a legend going around Umbras Pack that she was bit by a snake. But instead of dieing, the snakes venom went into her own fangs, and that is why her bite is so deadly. She humbly refuses that the story was true, but it was. She liked Remus a lot, but understands that he is meant to be with Nova.

Lyla has vanished with no trace of her.....

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