This is the info page for the Mares of Thrace:


  • They are carnivores
  • Icy changed the description of them a little
  • They eat everything that lives, breaths, and thinks (Not counting the Horse Armies).
  • The average hight for a mare is 21 hands. (7 feet)
  • Their blood is toxic.
  • They speak cat.
  • They do not have rabies.
  • They look very diferent from normal horses.
  • They are not stupid. ( :P )
  • Their pelts can only be red and white.
  • The whites of their eyes are black.
  • They heal extreamly fast.
  • They can only have red eyes.
  • They are also known as "the Mares of Diomedes"
  • The way Icy drew them makes them look like Punk Rock Star Horses ( XD )
  • They are only female

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