Midnight Shadow is a black stallion with piercing blue eyes.


Midnight Shadow is the only foal of two Army of the Forest soldiers. When he was became a soldier, his parents mysteriously disappeared. The parent-less stallion thought that the Mares of Thrace had eaten his mother and father, but he does not know for sure. He is a strong and determined horse, in battle he is very brave and fierce. Midnight Shadow isn't afraid to shed some blood from his enemies or himself if it helps to protect his herd.

The stallion loves to gallop around when he has nothing to do or takes a nap. When he is asleep, he usually has nightmares of the Mares of Thrace eating his herdmates or of a mysterious silver horse terrorizing him. He takes a liking to Morning Dew, even though he is older than her by half a year or so. His favorite foods to eat are rutabagas and wheat, also the occasionally mint plant.


  • Midnight Shadow has a fear of the Mares of Thrace.
  • He loves to gaze at the moon when it is full.

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