Nightstar- a black and silver she-cat with silvery eyes, roleplayed by Crys


Medicine Cat:

Frostflower- unknown describtion, roelplayed by Icewish

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Thistlepaw - black, spiky-furred Tom with cold amber eyes. Roleplayed by: Silvah


Larkfight- Unknown Describtion, roleplayed by Pricklestar

Lunarnight: a ghostly looking silver/gray she-cat. she has a white muzzle and tail tip. Rped by: Silverwhisker

Draco: a black tabby tom with bright blue eyes. He was a loner and joined. He was found by Lunarnight and has a crush on her. rped by: Silverwhisker

Darkcloud - very dark she-cat with violet eyes. Roleplayer: Faolan & Fuzzy

Tanzaniteshadow - Slender, breath-taking silver tabby she-cat with a white muzzle, slim but strong white paws, long, strong hind legs, a thin-furred tail, and gorgeous tanzanite blue eyes. Rped by Crystal

Iolitefrost - Handsome, silver tabby tom with shining, iolite purple eyes. He has a black tipped tail, and strong white paws. Rped by Crystal

Goldenmoon - Beautiful, golden tabby she-cat with stunning blue eyes. Moss~

Silvertalon - silver and blue tabby tomcat with bright amber eyes.  Rolplayed by:Ice


Mysterypaw - small, silver-and-white she-cat with golden patches and green eyes.



Spiritkit - Quiet black and gray she-cat. Mute because her parents are dead. Roleplayed by: Moss

Rainbowkit - A light gray she-kit with rainbow-like eyes. Roleplayer: Faolan & Fuzzy


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