Leader:Duskstar: Black tom with a golden underbelly and amber eyes. Father of Graypaw

Deputy:Frostheart: White tom with Ice blue eyes. Mate of Dawnfur, father to Leafpaw

Medicine cat: Grasspelt: Light brown she-cat flecked with black and green eyes

Warriors: Nightstorm: Black tom with Blue eyes. Mate of Sunfall, father to Mosskit, Petalkit and Lightningkit

Dawnfur: Golden she-cat with amber eyes. Mentor to Featherpaw. Mate of Frostheart, mother of Leafpaw

Whiterose: Pale gray almost white she-cat with golden eyes. Mentor to Leafpaw, mother of Featherpaw

Stormclaw: Gray and white tom with amber eyes. Mate of Sandyfoot.

Flowerpetal: Tortoiseshell she-cat with flecks of white and amber eyes

Rainpelt: Dark gray tom with green eyes. Mate of Silverdapple, father of Berrykit and Sootkit

Darkfur: Dark gray tom with amber eyes. Mate of Vixentail, father of Wildkit and Lionkit.

Blue-eyes: White she-cat with striking blue eyes

Waterwhisker: Blue gray tom with green eyes. Mentor to Graypaw, Mate of Honeyheart

Whitefoot: Black tom with white paws and brown eyes. Mate of Megan

Brackentail: Light ginger tom with a dark ginger tail. Mate of Shiningheart, father of Rabbitkit, Stonekit, and Cloverkit.

Apprentices:Graypaw: Gray tom with green eyes. Son of Duskstar

Leafpaw: Brown she-cat with blue eyes. Daughter of Dawnfur and Frostheart

Featherpaw: Gray she-cat with fluffy fur. Daughter of a deceased tom and Whiterose

Queens: Sunfall: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Nightstorm's kits, Mosskit: tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes. Petalkit: Pale gray she-cat with green eyes. Lightningkit: black tom streaked with jagged white stripes and amber eyes.

Silverdapple: Silver and gray dappled she-cat with blue eyes. Mother of Rainpelt's kits: Berrykit: red-brown tom with green eyes. Sootkit: gray she-cat with a dark gray head. Expecting another litter.

Vixentail: Dark ginger she-cat with a bushy tail. Mother of Darkfur's kits: Wildkit: dark ginger tom with fur that sticks up all over the place. Lionkit: golden tom with green eyes and long fur.

Shiningheart: Black she-cat with a white spot on her chest and blue eyes. Mother of Brackentail's kits: Rabbitkit: Brown she-cat with long hind legs and silver eyes. Stonekit: gray tom with orange eyes. Cloverkit: Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Sandyfoot: White she-cat with ginger paws and blue eyes. Expecting Stormclaw's kits.

Megan: Former kittypet she-cat with a ginger pelt. Expecting Whitefoot's kits

Honeyheart: Cream colored she-cat with green eyes. Expecting Waterwhisker's kits.

Elders:Wasptail: Gray tom with silver whiskers, a long spiky tail and amber eyes.

Birchtail: Light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Weedfur: Long haired silver tom with blue eyes.


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