Nemo is a fluffy black and white tom with a green collar with blue stripe.

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Current clan:

Past clan:




Kittypet: Nemo

Rogue: Shadow


Mother: Tiger

Father: Unknown

Brothers: Claw, Dark

Mate: Furball




He is a very very lazy cat.


Nemo is a curious, brave, kittypet tom. He usually likes to go into the forest and see what he can find in there. His best friends are Furball, Dark, Codie, and Snikerdoodle. Nemo was born to Tiger, a dark brown she-cat, and Wolf, a shadowy black tom. His brother was Claw, a black tom with piercing red eyes, and a unknown tom. One night when he was 6 moons old, Claw went against them, saying that they were weak. Tiger and Claw fought while his unknown brother and Nemo fleed. Nemo never heard Tiger ever since. Nemo walked along the alleys for 5 more moons and decided to be a kittypet. He finds a home with a nice family of twolegs. But 3 moons later Claw comes back and attacks Nemo and his best friend; Spot. Claw kills Spot and Nemo gets away, only to be seriously injured. Later he found out that Claw died. He meets Furball and falls in love with her, but doesn't know how to tell her. They both go into the forest and gets attacked by a black cat. The fight breaks up and Nemo couldn't help but think if he had seen him before. He invites him to his twoleg garden. He later meets Emily, and attempts to tell Furball that he loves her, but it backfires. He attempts again and they became mates and meet Codie.

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