Neoptolemus is a small, firey orange and red tom with dark blue eyes. He has long, curved claws and is one of only a handful of kits born in The Place of Starry Skies.

Current Clan The Place of Starry Skies
Past Clan(s) None

Rogue: Neoptolemus

Nicknames: Pyrrus, Neo

Mother Persephone
Father Achilles
Littermates None
Mate None
Kit(s) Non
Mentor(s) N/A
Apprentice(s) N/A
Roleplayer Icy

Additional Info

Neoptolemus is the son of Persephone and Achilles. He is one of the very few kits who were born in the Place of Starry Skies. His mother wanted to have kits badly. Pegasus said no, because this rarely happens and can be dangerous. Once Achilles suffered amnesia after his death, Pegasus agreed to allow Persephone to have her unborn kit in The Starry Skies. Persephone named him Neoptolemus, but he is often called Pyrrus as a nickname. He will remain a kit for as long as he stays in the Place of Starry Skies.

A New Quest

Neoptolemus serves as a major character in the fanfic, A New Quest. In this fanfic, he is about mid to late apprentice age if he were a clan cat. More coming soon!

Family Tree

Achilles Tree

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