Nike is a beautiful, gray, white, and black she-cat with one stunning, sapphire blue eye and one striking, emerald green eye, and a chip in her left ear.

Additional Info

Nike was born to Frost and Rattlesnake. She has two brothers named Vine and Carrion, but she no longer knows were they are. She now travels the alleys of Twoleg Place by herself. She joined "The Group" and helped fight Orpheus as Achlys' puppet, and Achlys herself. She doesn't like Hydra because she crushed her legs after she offered to help the cat spirit out of a tree. She grew even angrier at her once she left her to crawl back to camp by herself without any help. Her legs quickly healed though. She is about the same age as Odysseus.

She was killed by Hydra under Draco's curse.

Cat Spirit Abilities

  • Shape-shifting into a phoenix, a small dragon, and a dove.
  • Ability of flight
  • Ability to change her age at will
  • Improved fighting skills

Icy's Artwork

Nike (Spirit)

Nike (Cat Spirit) as a Human


  • She is named after the Greek goddess of victory.
  • During the fight with Achlys, she admits her flaw is that she's annoying, but she also says that she's always admitted that.
  • If she was a human, she would be about nine years old.
  • After she died, she was able to take the form of what she would have looked like when she was fully grown.
  • She was the cat who told the rogues about Orpheus first.

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