Nirvana’s Omen


Nirvana sat in the whelping den with her siblings; Junia, Aquilia, Venus, and her only brother Tiberius. They were fighting but she was sitting and watching them with her mother; Nova and her father; Remus. All four of the other pups attacked Remus, knowing he was no match for them; Nova laughed and gently pulled the pups off of him. This was her life; watching her siblings steal the attention of their mother and father.

She looked up at the stars, “Oh Stella Pack, When will they be proud of me too?

A voice said to her, “Your path will be a hard one, but you will make everyone proud in the end.”

She looked frightened for a moment, but recovered quickly. She nodded solemly and laid down in her nest.

==Chapter 1==

It had been moons since the encounter with Stella Pack and both her parents were dead.

To Be Continued

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