Nox Pack is where all evil wolves go when they die.





Former Alpha Males:

Fear - a midnight black male wolf with dark amber eyes with a nicked ear and hundreds of scars. He has long claws and teeth. (Aqua Pack) Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Former Alpha Females:

Terror - a pale gray she-wolf, mate of Fear. She has gray blue eyes and soft fur. (Inferno Pack). She is thought to be weak, and doesn't diserve to be in the Nox pack. She hides her evil. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Former Other Wolves:

Ater - dark gray she-wolf with blazing blue eyes Roleplayer: Pricklestar

Flos - gray she-wolf with black eyes. Mother of Turbine. Roleplay: Silverwhisker

Amulius - gray wolf with brown eyes. (Betulis Pack) Roleplayer: Icewish

Aeron - Black wolf with a white muzzle taht is stanied with blood, crimson red eyes and multiple scars on his pelt. (Inferno Pack) Father of Atifa's pups. Roleplayer: Moss

Former She-wolves Expecting Pups:

Former Pups:

Kieran - little white she-pup with amber, almost red eyes and mysterious scars on her face that was there when she was first born. (Ancient Betulis Pack)

Fachanan - black she-pup with deep red eyes. Her name means "young sinful spirit" in Gaelic. RPer: Silvah

Former Elders:

Roleplay Page

Nox Pack/Roleplay

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