Oceanclan cats are swift and agile. They eat mostly fish and other types of seafood. They are very good at swimming and have short, waterproof fur.





Shellstar - a beutiful, thick furred, gray tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by: Silverwhisker


Clouddash - A white tom with gray spots and green eyes. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Medicine Cat:

Heronflight - White tom with a gray head and back. Roleplayed by: Moss

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Poolpaw - Gray she-cat with dark blue sparkling eyes. Roleplayed by: Moss


Spottedpelt (OC) - Tabby and white she-cat with large orange eyes. Roleplayed by: Moss

Badgerclaw - a dark gray and black tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Splashfur - no desription. Roleplayed by: Pricklestar

Sparklewave - a white she-cat with gold flecks, bright blue eyes, a long, fluffy tail, and silver paws. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Otterheart - a dark orange she-cat with lighter patches and dark green eyes. Roleplayed by: Pricklestar

Sunbreeze-Gray tom with blue eyes. Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Oceanbreeze - dappled bluish-gray tom with stunning teal eyes. Roleplayer: Silvah

Seabreeze-Pale gray she-cat with blueish-silver stripes and dark blue eyes. Roleplayer:Silver


Flintpaw - a gray she-cat with one green eye and one amber eye and white paws. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Snailpaw: a mottled orange tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Silverwhisker


Shellstar - a thick furred, gray tabby she-cat Roleplayer: Silverwhisker


Saltkit - a white she-cat with gray speckles, stunning blue eyes, and a fluffy tail. She's a loner kit that joined.

Waterkit - Brown tom with light bule eyes

Perchkit - a white she-cat with gray tabby spots (Futer mate of Waterkit.) Roleplayer:Silverwhisker

Mountainkit - a silver she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan

Bubblekit - a muscular, black tabby tom with sharp, blue eyes, Son of Shellstar. Roleplayer: Silver


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