Octavia is a gray she-wolf with pretty blue eyes.

Additional Info

Octavia was born to Romulus and Viridis. Her brother is Octavian and her sister is Atia.

She was gifted by Stella Pack to be able to see the past and the future.

Visions and Prophecies

The Twins' Past:

"I don't understand-" Octavia saw a vision flash through her mind. It was of a wolf pup with black fur. A golden wolf found him and brought him to a den. A silver she-wolf licked the pup on the head like it was her own. The pup grew up and soon was standing on a tall rock above the pack as alpha. Then a wolf from the shadows attacked and killed the black wolf. He turned into a spirit and went to the stars. Then she saw a white she-wolf. Then the wolf spirit and the she-wolf were together in a meadow. Two, little pups were seen next. Then a river flashed by and the two pups were in den with a pale gray she-wolf. They grew up and then found mates. Then she saw her siblings and cousins...

Icy's Artwork


The Face of a Murderer?

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