This is Indigostar. In real life, Tigerfoot is my cousin and we are writing this story together.


The cries of battle echoed around Sunningrocks. Cheetahfoot listened with pleasure as cats screamed in pain and blood spilled on the ground. He searched for his leader, Breezestar. "My leader" Cheetahfoot called. "Yes" Breezestar replied. "We are winning" Cheetahfoot laughed. "But many cats are dying, we must retreat" Breezestar replied. "No!" Cheetahfoot snapped. "I am the leader, you are my deputy, you obey my orders, we must retreat" Breezestar growled. "You will not be leader any more" Cheetahfoot retorted and lunged at Breezestar. "I know you are on your last life" Cheetahfoot hissed as he slashed Breezestar's face. "How dare you?!" Breezestar spat and clawed Cheetahfoot's belly. "RiverClan needs me as a leader" Cheetahfoot pinned Breezestar down and sank his teeth into his throat. Cheetahfoot gagged at the taste of blood, Breezestar struggled, but eventually stopped. Cheetahfoot lifted his head, his muzzle covered with blood. "Breezestar is dead!" he yowled sadly, trying to make it seem as if his leader had been killed by ThunderClan.

"No!" Ivyfur, a RiverClan warrior, yowled. "You did it, you killed Breezestar!" Ivyfur yelled at Cheetahfoot. "You saw? Well, it doesn't matter, Breezestar deserved to die, I am the rightful leader!" Cheetahfoot yowled triumphantly. "Traitor!" Ivyfur leaped at the speckled tom. Cheetahfoot swiftly stepped aside, but Ivyfur twisted in mid-air and collapsed on Cheetahfoot. The speckled tom tried desperately to slash at Ivyfur's throat. "Your terror ends here!" Ivyfur ripped open a large gash on Cheetahfoot's belly. Blood stained Ivyfur's white paws red. "You..will..all...die" Cheetahfoot choked as he closed his eyes forever.

After the battle... Fernlight stared at her newborn kits. Their father, Cheetahfoot, had been killed by Ivystar at the battle a moon ago. Fernlight had not known the evil side of Cheetahfoot. "Oh, Topazkit and Hollykit, what will become of you now?"

Chapter 1

Topazpaw and Hollypaw shared a fish outside the apprentice's den. Topazpaw's cream and black pelt was wet from his afternoon swim. "I practiced battle moves with Icewind today" Hollypaw meowed. "I had to check Dovecall for ticks" Topazpaw muttered. "I'm sure that Finchtail will take you on patrol soon" Hollypaw comforted her brother. "I haven't been out of camp in two days!" Topazpaw growled. Icewind and Finchtail padded up to them. Finchtail glared at Topazpaw. "We're going on patrol with Finchtail tomorrow" Icewind told Hollypaw. "What about Topazpaw?" Hollypaw asked. "He's staying here, he'll play with Turquoisekit" Finchtail snapped. Topazpaw's tail drooped. Finchtail and Icewind padded away and entered the Warrior's den. "Sorry you can't go" Hollypaw murmured. "I'm gonna go to sleep" Topazpaw sighed and entered the apprentice's den. Topazpaw curled up in his nest. Why does Finchtail hate me?! Topazpaw wondered. He closed his eyes, and fell asleep.


"I'm leaving" Hollypaw whispered as she exited camp with Icewind and Finchtail. Topazpaw sighed, got up, and headed toward the Nursery. Turquoisekit and her mother, Milkpond, were awake. "Finchtail told me you were going to play with me" Turquoisekit squeaked, her pale gray fur was smooth. "Yes I am, so what do you want to do?" Topazpaw asked. "Why don't you two visit Dovecall?" Milkpond suggested. "But I want to fish for minnows in the reed bed" Turquoisekit complained. "That's dangerous, now run along" Milkpond meowed. "All right" Turquoisekit groaned and followed Topazpaw into the elders' den. Dovecall, the only elder, was licking her gray fur. "Hello" she croaked as she saw them enter her den. "I thought you and Hollypaw left with Icewind and Finchtail" Dovecall meowed at Topazpaw. "Holypaw did, Finchtail said I couldn't go" Topazpaw murmured. "Well then, maybe you should complain to my daughter" Dovecall chuckled. "Ivystar is your daughter?" Turquoisekit asked. Dovecall nodded. "I'm tired, why don't you two fish for minnows?" Dovecall asked, her eyes had a mischevious look. "Yes!" Turquoisekit dashed out of the den. "Wait!" Topazpaw called after her.

Turquoisekit was already trying to grab minnows out of the water. "I can't do this!" she groaned. "I'll teach you the right way to do it" Topazpaw told her. "You wait patiently and still, then, you strike really fast!" Topazpaw flashed his paw into the water and pulled out a minnow. "All right" Turquoisekit stod paiently and quickly reached into the water and she too pulled out a minnow. "Good job" Topazpaw complimented. Hollypaw, Finchtail, and Icewind walked into camp. "How was it?" Topazpaw asked. Finchtail growled back "None of your concern!"

Chapter 2

"Good job, Hollypaw" Icewind complimented her apprentice. Hollypaw had caught her third fish, Topazpaw and Hollypaw were having their warrior assesments. Topazpaw had only caught one fish, due to Finchtail's negative comments. "Your stance is wrong, you are too slow, you will never become a decent warrior at this rate" were only some of the things Finchtail had said. Topazpaw looked carefully into the water, he flashed his paw into the pool and caught a large trout. "Good job" Hollypaw meowed. "I guess it was good" Finchtail muttered. "I think you both have done good enough to pass" Icewind meowed. "Really?!" Hollypaw squeaked. Icewind and Finchtail nodded. "All right!" Topazpaw exclaimed. "Now lets head back to camp" Finchtail meowed.


"May the cats of RiverClan gather" Ivystar yowled. Topazpaw and Hollypaw stood together in front of Ivystar. "We have two apprentices that will become warriors today!" Ivystar announced. "Topazpaw and Hollypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code with your lives?" "We do" the two apprentices replied. "Then by the power of StarClan, I grant you your warrior names. Hollypaw, from this day forward, you shall be known as Hollyflame. StarClan honors your intelligence and courage and we welcome you as a full member of RiverClan". Hollyflame licked Ivystar's shoulder. "Topazpaw, from this day forward, you shall be known as Topazwing. StarClan honors your bravery and speed and we welcome you as a full member of RiverClan." Topazwing licked Ivystar's shoulder. "Hollyflame! Topazwing! Hollyflame! Topazwing!" the clan shouted. However, as Topazwing looked at Finchtail, he could see his former mentor was only saying one name, and that was Hollyflame.

Fernlight ran up to her kits "look at my warriors" she purred happily. "Everyone is watching" Topazwing laughed and pulled away. "You're a warrior, Topazwing" Turquoisekit meowed. "I'll be an apprentice in a quarter moon!" she looked like she was going to leap out of her fur. "Maybe I'll be your mentor!" Topazwing chuckled. "I'd like that." Turquoisekit purred. "Topazwing, Hollyflame, come here" Fernlight called. "What is it?" Hollyflame asked. "Come with me, I'm going to tell you the truth about your father" Fernlight replied.

Chapter 3

Topazwing and Hollyflame settled down with Fernlight outside of camp. "I must tell you the truth about your father" Fernlight sighed. Topazwing was confused, but he didn't say anything. "Cheetahfoot was a great, and loyal warrior. He even saved Breezestar before he was leader in an attack on ThunderClan." Fernlight began. "However, I don't know what went wrong, but he killed Breezestar in a battle with ThunderClan. He was deputy, and wanted to be leader. He tried to make it seem as if a ThunderClan cat killed him, but Ivystar, back then Ivyfur, saw what happened and killed Cheetahfoot. She was named leader because of this." Fernlight concluded the story. "That must be why Finchtail hates me. He thinks I'm going to turn out like my father!" Topazwing growled.

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