It's hot out there....

Oriole is a golden male wolf with brown flecks and sparkling blue eyes.


Oriole's parents were Flo and Wyn, when he was very young, they both died mysteriously. Being an only pup, a male wolf named Zer, cared and loved him like his parents would do. Zer would teach Oriole many things and tell him stories, Oriole always enjoyed Zer's company. When Zer started to tell him about alphas, Oriole grew an ambition to become one. When he heard that Akakios became alpha, he was crestfallen and thought that Akakios had to prove himself as an alpha since his siblings would always call him the weakest, stupidest, and so on pup in the litter.


  • Oriole in Latin means 'golden'; 'gold flecked bird'.

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