Paris is a white tom with blue eyes and a long tail.

Additional Info

Paris was born as a kittypet but ran away from his twolegs. He lived as a rogue and he's a master at stealing. He can sneak up at anyone at anytime with out being seen or heard. He is not a very strong fighter or hunter but makes up for that with his speed and agility. He tried to steel prey from Achilles, but tricked him into helping him instead. Soon after he was killed by dogs. He was sent by Pegasus to help kill Squeak so he could go to The Place of Starry Skies. He was allowed to go there once Squeak was dead.

He has not made a major appearance since. He still has the urge to steal, and stole prey from EnchantedClan territory.  He fell in love with a clan cat named Amberflame, but he had to leave suddenly back to the alleys of twoleg place.  Amberflame followed him there and he admitted that he loved her.

He saw a vision due to his powers as a cat spirit about Thrushflight on the brink of death after being injured by a fox.  He and Amberflame left the alley immediately so she could say goodbye.



Cat Spirit Powers

  • Control over fire.
  • Can reveal visions to other cats.
  • Extreme speed.
  • Can heal very minor injuries.


  • The is the only thing that actually scared Achilles. (But only once :P)

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