Pegasus is a pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes and snow white wings. She is a member of The Place of Starry Skies.

Additional Info

Pegasus is an ancient rogue cat. She was born far before the clans were created. She ended war between several rogue groups and brought a time of peace to the world of cats. She was murdered by Helios, who was a cat who wanted nothing but absolute power. When she died, she created The Place of Starry Skies, were cat spirits could live at peace in a world filled with war. Her sister is Achlys.

Cat Spirit Powers

Pegasus is the first cat spirit. She created the Place of Starry Skies. Her powers are matched by no one, and it's only limit is her cretor's imagination.


  • Pegasus is a masculine name, but Icewish used it anyway.
  • Pegasus means "stong" and "comes from a water spring."
  • Pegasus was the winged horse that sprang from the blood of Medusa after she was killed by Perseus.

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