Petaltail. I do NOT own this image.

Petaltail is a light gray she-cat with a fluffy tail.

Family: Father:Nightstorm Mother:Sunfall Sister: Mossstar Brother: Lightningstrike Grandparent: Tribe cat Mate: Lionheart Son: Duskspirit Daughters: Sunwhisker, Dawnflower Niece: Lightningfoot Nephew: Firefur

Residence: StarClan

History: Petalkit is born to Sunfall and Nightstorm of ThunderClan with her littermates, Mosskit and Lightningkit.

Later her brother, Lightningkit, catches green-cough during a green-cough outbreak.

Petalkit becomes apprenticed to Blue-eyes when she turns six moons old.

Petalpaw's sister, Mosspaw, gets severly injured by the ShadowClan leader, Darkstar, during an attack. Mosspaw is forced to become a medcine cat along with Grasspelt. Meanwhile Lightningkit's greencough gets worse.

Mosspaw recieves her medicine cat name, Mossnose, when Grasspelt is killed. Lightningkit also dies after greencough kills him.

Mossnose is exiled when Frostheart says that she killed Duskstar. Later Froststar imprisons her, Sunfall, and Nightstorm. She becomes Froststar's slave with the new name Petaltail.

After Moss kills Froststar, Petaltail offers to share her nest with Moss because she didn't have one. Mossnose thinks that she would want to have it to herself, but Moss is grateful for the warmth.

While Mossnose is in the nursery nursing her kits, Petaltail moves in expecting Lionheart's kits.

While Wilowclaw is at the Moonpool, Petaltail starts to give birth, but something goes wrong and she bleeds heavily. Mossnose helps her and Petaltail lives, but she gets a severe infection.

Lionheart names his kits Dawnkit, Sunkit, and Duskkit. Petaltail is too weak to nurse them or see them. When Mossnose's kits become apprentices, she is seen sitting outside the medicine den.

After Mossnose's deputy ceremony Petaltail asks her to mentor Sunkit when she turns six moons old and that she was proud of Mossnose.

Petaltail dies over night from the infection and is found dead in the morning. The clan grieves heavily for her.

Petaltail gives Mossnose the life of strength, telling her that to use strength to keep you together, even at the darkest of times.

Petaltail is seen in StarClan in the Epilogue.

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