Pickles is a black Labrador Retreiver with brown eyes and a blue collar.

Additional Info

Pickles was born to two unknown parents. Her owner fed her parents, but not her and her sisters. She was finally taken in by a family who loves her very much. She helps guard SkyClan territory when her family isn't looking.

Icy's Artwork

Pickles Licky Icon A licky Icon of her. (It fits her so perfectly)


  • She is based off of Icy's dog.
  • Her favorite foods are duck jerky, lettuce, unsalted turkey, apples, and cheese.
  • She has a brother named Spike, who Icy's parents met at Petsmart.
  • For stome strange reason, Pickles always smells like Kimchi....
  • After conducting several phycological experiments on myself (Don't make fun >:( I read about it on Youtube, so I didn't think it would really work) Pickles was in my many lucid dreams about World War I. She was a black, freisan-clysdale mix that still smelled just like kimchi....
  • American Football is Pickles' favorite game.
  • Here favorite place in the entire house is...the sofa.
  • She likes fireworks and the 4th of July. (She wasn't scared of them at all)

Real Life Image

Pickles in Black and White

Pickles in a Black and White photo. (I never said she was photogenic...Plus I took this pic on my laptop's camera)

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