PokeClan cats are based off of pokemon. PokeClan cats eat pokefood that they steal from humans. PokeClan cats start out in their original form and then "evolve" into their next form like pokemon. PokeClan cats can also use moves.

Note: Not all pokemon will be in this clan, at least one from every region. The maximum of cats in one rank is thirteen (with the exception of the leader, the deputy, and the medicine cat) I'd like to see a couple pokemon from every region! :) You can add your own if you wish. Also, if you see a cat up for adoption, it would be helpful if you adopted it.





Pikastar - small yellow tom with brown stripes, a lightning shaped-tail and red cheeks. Roleplayer: Moss


Charizard - Large ginger tom with pale underbelly and a flaming tail. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Medicine cat:

Gardevoir - a green and white she-cat with blue-pruple eyes. Roleplayed by: Icewish


Flareon -Brown and cream she-cat with bright amber eyes Roleplayed by Pricklestar

Dusk -Dark gray and red tom with blue eyes and a tuft of fur on his head. (Mentor: Gallade) Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Ninetales - Silver she-cat with nine tails that have blue tips. Roleplayer: Moony

Mightyena - Silver tomcat with thick black stripe running from his forehead to his back with black legs and a black tail. He has sharply pointed ears and blood red eyes. Roleplayed by: Faolan

Grovyle - a green she-cat with a red underbelly and a leaf on her head. Has red eyes. Roleplayed by Icewish.

Gallade - green and white tom with red eyes. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Haxorus - Green and red tom with long and sharp teeth Roleplayed by: Icefern

Swampert - blue, orange, and gray tom with orange eyes Roleplayed by: Jenster

Umbreon - Black tom with red eyes and golden rings on his forehead, limbs, and tail. Roleplayed by: Moss

Glaceon - White and blue she-cat with blue eys. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Salamence-Torquoise tom with two red stripes across his underbelly and red wings. Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Pidgeot- brown and cream she-cat with a red tail and yellow eyes. Roleplayed by: Pearly

Zoroark - dark grey and red she-cat with red eyes and long ahir growing from her head. Roleplayed by: Icefern

Ivysaur - a Blue tom with darker blue flecks, and four leaves stuck to his back. He has a red bud in the middle of the leaves. He has fangs that stick out of his mouth.. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Spark- yellow tom with a white ring around his neck, and super spikey fur. Roleplayer: Silver

Leafeon - creamy tom with green ears, and tail tip. Roleplayer: Icewish

Jolteon - Yellow tom with a white neck, and violet eyes. His neck and tail are slightly spiked. Roleplayer: ~Skymist~

Emolga - Black and White she-cat with yellow cheeks and multiple scars. Roleplayed by: Moss

Lucario - Blue tom with a cream colored underbelly, one spike on his chest, one on each front paw, black markings, and a black stripe running down his face. Roleplayed by: Icefern


Minccino - Gray she-cat with white tips on her ears and tail. (Mentor:Grovyle) Roleplayer: Moony

Shiny - Black She-cat with yellow rings on body. Wears a skull on her face. Mentor: Unknown Roleplayer: That Umbreon-Cubone hybrid

Violet - Lavender she-cat with black eyes. (Ditto) (Mentor:Swampert) roleplayer: Moony

Chikorita-Light green she-cat with small green bulbs around her neck and a leaf on her head. (Mentor:Haxorus) Roleplayer:Gorsewhisker

Nidorino - purple tom with darker purple flecks. Roleplayer: Duskstar

Furret-Cream she-cat with brown stripes across her underbelly, brown paws, and a brown back. (Mentor:Glaceon) Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Oshawott - White and blue tom with black eyes. Carries a scalchop. (Mentor:Emolga) Roleplayer: Moss

Lumineon - Dark blue and light blue she-cat with pink eyes and a pink spot on her tail. Rped by Crystal. Axo (For Mudkip) - Blue tom (more coming soon) Rper: Gorse


Vaporeon - a blue she-cat with a white neck, and a flipper tail, Mother to Leafeon's kits. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker


Flo (Sort for "Flora") - a silver eevee with bright green eyes. Roleplayer: Icewish

Lily - small, eevee she-cat with a green tuft of fur on her head, and aqua blue eyes. Roleplayer: Silver

None Elders:


Roleplay Page PokeClan/Roleplay

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