Poppy is a small calico she-cat with brown patches in addition to her tortoiseshell coat. She has small red wings that she can hide under her fur.

Poppy was a normal cat who was abandoned and taken in by a science foundation. One of the major scientists there found some dragon DNA left over from the blood and smashed dragon eggs from the Elemental Massacre (made up by Moss) The dragon's bodies had already decayed so there were no bodies, so the humans did not know that it was dragon DNA. They used Poppy as a lab cat and used her for the expiriment. She got dragon blood in her veins and soon she grew small red wings and was able to breath fire. She soon started trashing the science center and she had to be released. She came back to the city and started living with the rogues of twolegplace....


Since Poppy has elemental blood, she can...

Breath fire

Summon lightning

Make plants grow and other earth-stuff

Control water

Freeze stuff

Control wind

Use metals

Use magic

Fly using her wings

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