Prickleflower is a brown she-cat with ginger spots

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Current Clan LavaClan
Past Clan(s) None

Kit: Pricklekit

Apprentice: Pricklepaw

Warrior: Prickleflower


Mother Vixentail
Father Redfur
Littermates None
Mate none
Kit(s) none
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfics Prickleflower the Coward


Prickleflower was born to Vixentail and Redfur, both deseased. She had a hard life and Acornfur seemed to always be there to protect her from her mean parents and other scary things. Living like this made Prickleflower even more soft and cowardly, making her very dependant on Acornfur. Right when she became a warrior she chose to be a Queen to hide away from the battles and hunting. She hated doing anything that involved lots of labour. What did Prickleflower see in Acornfur anyway? He was bossy, arrogant and a bully and that's exactly what Prickleflower liked. She loved drama and she even liked seeing cats feelings hurt. What did Acornfur see in Prickleflower? Maybe he just thought that he needed a companion to bully with. When Acornfur died in his first battle, Prickleflower wasn't surprised he was very blood-thirsty. She was in the nursery and that, in the long term, was what she had wanted. She was sad that her protecter was gone, but it passed.

More coming soon

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