Prickletalon in a dark grey she-cat with lighter grey streaks and amber eyes

Current Clan ThunderClan
Past Clan(s) RiverClan
Mother Riverstream
Father Shellnose
Littermates Dapplefrost
Mate Loudeagle
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Fireshadow (RC)
Apprentice(s) None
Roleplayer Prickle

Additional Info

Prickletalon was born to Riverstream and Shellnose. She was once Riverclan but now she has moved to Thunderclan only because she is in love with Loudeagle. Her sister is Dapplefrost. She was once in love with Brackenpaw but she finally saw the evilness in him and dumped him.

She is also one of the main charaters in Vengeance.

Her sister in this story is Cinderpool, mother Daisyfern and father Mousetooth.


"Look if you don't like him, don't be with him!"

-Pricklepaw to Dapplepaw

"You are a big eater, maybe we should exile you,"

Dapplepaw teasing Pricklepaw

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