Rainpaw is a mottled blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. She is an main character in StarClan Speaks.

Her mother is Hollyberry and her father is Stonepelt. Her siblings are Mistpaw and Shadepaw. Her brother from another litter is Nightkit.

She can snap sometimes, like when she told Sootkit to shut up. She thinks Jaypaw likes her. She is oblivious to Blackpaw's courteous attitude towards her and is a good friend of Rockpaw, who is super protective over her. She and Sootkit become really good friends. She feels sorry for Streamkit because she is an orphan.

She is part of the phrophecy:

The black twilight will cover the pines, the rocks will protect the moors, the streams will run through the marshes, a gentle rain will fall over the forest until Soot will cover the clans with protection. This means that Rainpaw, Sootkit, Rockpaw, Blackpaw, and Streamkit will protect the clans. There is a sixth cat, but as of now, it is unknown where or who he/she is....

Rainpaw has the power to read emotions.

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