"Of course I will remember you. It's hard to forget some cat who's changed your life forever."
— Rainrhythm to Tiger in No Clan

Rainrhythm is a young queen of RiverClan.

Additional Info

Rainrhythm was born very small, just after a badger attack struck RiverClan. The nursery was torn to bits by the merciless creatures, and Rainkit was named because she was born in the pouring rain. She was nearly Tearkit, but it was decided by Lilypool, her mother, that such a name would be unjust, reminding everyone of a devastating event.

She had one young littermate, Snakekit, but he died just before apprenticeship, leaving Rainrhythm behind as he left to walk StarClan's skies.


  • She fell in love with Tiger, a rogue cat, and left her Clan for a while. She has one kit, Amberkit,but she pretends she found it by the border.
  • She is good friends with Tawnyshadow.
  • Her roleplayer is Lilly. If she gets things wrong, she does mean well, so feel free to correct her :)

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