Remus is a gray wolf with blue eyes. He has a scar across his eye that he got when he was a pup.

Additional Info

Remus was born to Minerva and Mars. Remus and his brother, Romulus, were found as stray pups on a river bank. They were adopted by a Diana, a she-wolf of Umbras Pack.

Although Remus seems calm and kind on the surface, he is actually on the verge of insanity. He is secretly rebellious and is plotting to overthrow Obscruan. Of course, only Romulus and Diana know that he's crazy, but they still love him like family. He is a member of "The Rebels."

When he was younger, he had a crush on Lily, but sadly she died.

He is mates with Nova. He as four daughters named Junia, Nirvana, Aquilia, and Venus. His only son is named Tiberius.

He was killed by Caligo.

In Stella Pack Remus does miss his family, but he is quite happy there. There, he is perfectly sane and has no worries because he knows his pups will have a great life ahead of them.

Because Stella Pack wolves take the age of when they were the happiest, both Romulus and Remus are about mid-apprentice age. They can both switch back and for between that age and the age that they died.

He was shocked that his brother stabed him, but he knew that it wasn't really Romulus who did that. He was there when Romulus freed himself from Caligo.

He was killed again by his now former mate, Nova. He still loves her, but doesn't want his heart broken again.


  • He can understand the speach of deers and horses.

Character Pixels

Remus Charart

Life Picture

Romulus+Remus Real Life Pic Romulus and Remus

Icy's Artwork

Chibi RemusChibi Remus as a Pup! (Before the scar)

Romulus and Remus

This is a drawing that Icy drew on paper first and then colored on the computer. It depicts Remus (left) and Romulus (right) as human-wolf anthros. It is currently entered in the Anthro category for the Drawing Comp.

Remus (Contest)

Remus Concept Art (If you can tell what the drawing means, post it in the comments :) )

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