This is the Allegiance for Rising Star.


Leader - Moonstar: gray she-cat with blazing blue eyes.

Deputy - Unknown

Medicine Cat - Hopefeather - white tom with firey green eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice - Rosepaw - pale gray she-cat with lime green eyes.


Robintalon - ginger tom with amber eyes, hates kittypets.

Slimefrog - pale brown tabby tom with dull, green eyes, Apprentice: Twitlightpaw

Boulderfang - black tom with bright, yellow eyes, Apprentice: Brookpaw

Spiderweb - silver colored she-cat with large, amber eyes, Apprentice: Grapepaw

Lucktail - brown tabby tom with grey eyes, and white paws.

Feathersky - black she-cat with small ears and amber eyes.

Morningtalon - pale brown she-cat with light green eyes, Apprentice: Batpaw

(More comming soon)


Brookpaw - brown she-cat

Grapepaw - pale gray tom with icy blue eyes

Batpaw - tortoishell tom with aqua blue eyes

(More to Come! :) )

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