Here is the page for horses that are not in an army.


Coded Members list coming soon!

Running Blizzard - dapple gray mare with dark brown eyes. AWOL Army of the Forest Horse. Roleplayed by: Icy

Gunner - A swift, black and white stallion throughbred, Born a rogue.. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Eagle - Brown and white stallion with green eyes. Roleplayer: Moss

Cloud - white mare with gray eyes. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Dark Rose - darkish silver mare with dark heather-blue eyes. Misty Lavender's other dark split personality. Roleplayer: Firestream12

Ryo-Black stallion with brown eyes. Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Ares-Black stallion with bue eyes. Ryo's brother. Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Elf - creamy brown palmino mare with unsual pointed tall ears

Artemis - gray stallion with blonde streaks. RPer: Silvah

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