Rosa Sol is a purple, blue, and black she-dragon with yellow eyes, wing membranes, and spines. She has tail tipped with an orange/yellow spine. Her wings were torn and shredded so much that she can no longer use them. Many scars crisscross her scales, including one over her eye, which is now glazed over and is unable to work. Her spines are chipped and she also has a shredded ear.  She is a Western Dragon.

Additional Info

Rosa Sol was orphaned at birth. A young human girl named Sarah saved her from the brink of death, and named her Sunny. She secretly raised the baby dragon. Her parents, two farmers, hated dragons, for they steal their cattle. Once they found out, they ordered her to kill they baby dragon. Sarah took the dragon out into the forest, but could not kill her. She released the dragon into the forest and ran off. She told her parents that little Sunny was dead, and she never spoke of her dragon friend again. Avi Luna, a dragon of the Sky Rulers, found little Sunny. Not knowing the hatchling's real name, she re-named her Rosa Sol, which is a traditional Frost Dragon way of naming a hatchling. During the raid of the Dark Dragons, she took the hit for Blitz, a she-dragon who Rosa Sol calls a friend, but Blitz strongly dislikes her. Several holes were punched through her wings and the majority of her wing membrane was shredded. She is now not able to ever fly again, and became the youngest elder at this time in the Sky Rulers.

She left the Sky Rulers because she was tired of being an elder and thought that5 no one wanted her there. She met a lone dark dragon named Chronos and they became mates.


  • Rosa Sol means "Rose Sun" in Latin.
  • She is currently about 18 or 19 years of age if she were a human.

Character Pixels

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Icy's Artwork

Rosa Sol

Rosa Sol before her wings were destroyed

Rosa Sol After the Battle

Rosa Sol After the Battle

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