Saffron was born to a loner who abondoned her kits. Some tolegs found the helpless week old kits and took them to their house. The twolegs cared for the kits and brought them to the vet.

Soon the kits had shots and that lot. They were than given to the humane society. Soon the twoleg family decided to take home one of these kits. They chose the redish brown kit. They named her Saffron.

. Soon about a season after, some new cat moved in with her. She soon came to know this cat as "Maxi". He was a small kit, but he was groomed stating he had not been found in the wild like she had. He must have come from a twoleg home. Maxi was black and white with bright green eyes.


My family actually found these poor kits!

Saffron had two litter-mates one a brown tabby tom the other a dark gray she-cat (I never knew thier names)

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