Saltus is a handsome and storng, ginger alpha male wolf with green eyes.

Saltus is beggining to take a liking to Minerva, but tells himself to stop, because he already has a alpha female. (Firestream rps her, whoever the she-wolf is.) Saltus's sister is Sol. Roleplayed by: Silverwhisker
Saltus in the snow

Saltus wondering around in his territory

Caelum and Saltus's story:

"I love you, Saltus..." woofed Caelum softly. "I love you too!" barked Saltus. Their tails wagged. "Will you be my alpha female?" asked Saltus. Caelum nodded. "Lets go back to camp, and I will be yours." barked Caelum. Saltus smiled and padded to camp next to Caelum back to the pack, whitch was really small.

Sol padded up to Saltus. "Well, Its about time you two love birds returned! We're all hungry!" growled Sol. "Don't worry sister, I'll go hunting." barked Saltus. "I'll come too!" woofed Caelum. The two caught a deer and a goat. The pack fiested when they returned. At night, all their bellies were full. "I have an anouncement! Caelum is my new Alpha Female!" howled Saltus. Caelum leaned against Saltus and sighed. Moscus snarled in anger. Saltus blinked, confussed. He felt Caelum's fur become hot and it prickled. "What's that matter?" asked Saltus quietly. "I-Its Moscus, I-I think I, I mean, I think he likes me. He's mad that I want you instead of him." whispered Caelum. "Then he'll have to challenge me! He knows that! He doesn't know my true streangth." growled Saltus. "I CHALLENGE SALTUS FOR HIS POSITION AND MATE!!!" howled Moscus. "See?" growled Saltus. "Challenge accepted." snarled Salltus. He leaped at Moscus and burried his teeth into Moscus's scruff. Moscus was taken by suprise and yelped in pain. Caelum couldn't watch as she watched the two wolves she loved fight. Moscus was flung to the ground. He regained his balanced her slamed into Saltus. Saltus bit the wolf's ear. Moscus tore away from him. leaving part of his ear behind. Saltus pinned down Moscus and snarled in his face. Moscus put his tali between his legs. Saltus padded over to his she-wolf. "You hurt him!" whimpered Caelum. "that's the way of the wolf, remember?" growled Saltus. He began to pad away, but stopped. "Unless you rather have him?" growled Saltus. Caelum jumped. "N-no!" she yelped. Saltus sighed. Caelum walked over to him. "I love you." she woofed. She leaned against Saltus. He felt cheeted, and NOT loved by her,

Saltus woke to see Caelum by his side, snoozing away. He nudged her. She just grunted. "Fine, i'll let you sleep." murmured Saltus.(will finish)

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