(for Sandycave.)

By: Silverwhisker


Sandykit gasped for air as she was brought to the world. She felt her mother's tonuge graze her head. Sandykit felt the warmth of her brother. "What will there names be?" she heard a voice. "The sandy she-cat will be Sandykit, the tom will be Heatkit, and the other she-cat will be Rattlekit." meowed Sandykit's mother. "Those are wonderful names, Sandcrab." purred Snakesong, Sandykit's father. Sandykit fell asleep, not caring of the comution around her.

Chapter 1, Sand?!:

Sandykit pounced on Heatkit. "Ha! I got yo-" she was caught of by Rattlekit knocking over Sandykit. "Mwuhaha!" she hissed. "Is that a word?" asked Heatkit. "Duh!" growled Rattlekit. Sandykit looked at her sister's paw, that was right next to her mouth. Sandykit licked her sister's paw. "Hey! Stop that, its gross!" hissed Rattlekit. She jumped of Sandykit. "You have the hisses of snakes!" growled Sandykit, pouncing on Rattlekit. "Why did i get my name like this then?" asked Heatkit. "Because the desert is warm and hot." mewed Sandcrab. "What about me?" asked Sandykit. "sandy is pretty, like you." purred Sandcrab. "Sand?! I'm not dirt! What's pretty about ant poop?!" cried Sandykit. "sand looks like crystls up close." mewed Sandcrab, amused. "Haha! Your ant poo!" teased Rattlekit. "Well your a disgusting snake!" hissed Sandykit, biting her sister's ear. "Ow! Mommy, she bit me again!" yowled Rattlekit. "Uhhhhh! Would you two stop?!" cried Sandcrab. "Go outside and explore." growled their father. Sandykit was the first to run out. She put her paw on the sand. "HOT!" she yowled. She bounced around, her paws burning. Her littermates ended up joining in. "Ow!" yowled Heatkit. They ran into a den. "I'm scared." whimpered Heatkit. "Oh shut up, you little scardy mouse!" hissed Rattlekit. "Yeah, we're in camp, so we're safe." mewed Sandykit. Something huge jumped down in front of them. "Yahhhhhhhhh! I-It's a giant snake with legs!" yowled Sandykit. Rattlekit hid behind Sandykit with Heatkit. Sandykit sniffed the air. "Oh its just Fangstar!" she growled. Fangstar walked out of the shadows his two shredded ears flicked. His half ripped off tail lashed. "Get out of my den." he hissed. "Yeesh! What snake ate your mouse?!" spat Sandykit. "w-we just wanted to keep our paws cooler, in here is c-colder!" whimpered Heatkit. "I said...GET OUT!" yowled Fangstar. The kits ran out, and back to their mom. "H-He was being ean!" cried Rattlekit. "Who?" asked Sandcrab. "Fangstar!" cried Sandykit. "What did you three do?! He's going to kick us out!" hissed Sandcrab.(wil finish)

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