The Sea Protectors are a tribe of Water Dragons that live away from the other tribes. They have traditions much like Native Americans, and their names are normally Native, too. Their current King is Odahingum and their current Queen is Huyana. They have a prince named Hamako, but the was abducted when he was young.


The first King of Sea Protectors was Pamuya, a water dragon. He wanted Water dragons to live where they wanted to be- near the sea. He let most Water dragons come with him to the new home he made for them. Pamuya's Queen was a Water Dragon named Pavati.

Sea Protectors fought in the wars between the dragon tribe, and luckily didn't perish, unlike some.

Stories and Legends

The Founding

Pamuya was a water dragon. Most water dragons where added to swimming for than land, but some where for both, like Fundor. Pamuya invited all water dragons to come with him too his new tribe. Pamuya wanted water drains to live peacefully away from the other tribes, becaus eye didn't like them much. Pamuya and his mate, Pavati, were the first King and Queen of the tribe.

The New Rule

The Loss of Prince Hamako

Will be continued

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