Shen is an orange Eastern Dragon with a gold underside and long whiskers. He is a fullwing of Sky Rulers. He recently found them.

Shen is wanderer, and sometimes appears in other tribes, but he never stays. He finally started to settle down in Sky Rulers, but he has a big change of not staying. Unknown to others, he can shapeshift and create mirages. He second form in a sea serpent that swims in the water.

Shen's parents were killed by unknown causes. He was found by a chinese girl and raised in a chinese city. There he learned human language and how to read chinese. He watched humans build structures, and that is how Shen built his temple to hide his orb. When Shen got too big to stay in the city, he was forced to leave.

He has a "girlfriend" named Qui, which means autumn in chinese.


  • He was named after a dragon from Chinese mythology. Shen is believed to be a dragon and or sea serpent who can shapeshift or create mirages.
  • Shen has been to every tribe (except The Starlit Skies and The Dark Caverns) but he shapeshifts so no one will reconize him if he returns.

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