Sky is a handsome light gray, almost white, tom with pale blue eyes.

Additional Info

Skykit was born to Waterfall and Blizzardfang of ShadowClan. His mentor was Birchclaw. Skypaw was given the name of Skyhawk when he was twelve moons old. He was banished from the clans soon after for questioning his leader's dicisions. He changed his name to Sky and moved to Twoleg Place. There he mat a she-cat named Cloudy. They became mates and had two kits together, Asteria and Falcon. Cloudy died giving birth and Falcon died soon after Cloudy. Sky raised Asteria alone untill his death. He was killed by Squeak amung many other cats.


  • His name is never mentioned by Asteria in Achilles' Heel, instead she calls him "daddy."
  • He did go to The Place Of Strry Skies and not StarClan.
  • He will appear in a future fanfiction.
  • His name was changed from Skytail to Skyhawk by Icewish.


Rogue - Sky

Warrior - Skytail

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