Skylark, only without her turquoise eyes.

Skylark is a black elemental dragon with beautiful turqoiuse eyes.

Family: Mate: Twilight's Father Son: Eclipse Daughter: Twilight Granddaughter: Kaida

Element: All

Residents: The Starlit Skies

History: Twillight and Eclipse's mother, Skylark, lays ten eggs in her nest, (which is fairly large for a dragon, but Mossnose thinks that "elementals have fairly large amounts of eggs in one season.") but after an attack from other angry dragons, the eggs were destroyed, and most of the elementals were killed.

Skylark is mentioned when Twilight and Daryden find a survivor of the attack, who was apparently a good friend of Skylark's. However, he does not reveal that she is Twilight's mother.

Later, Skylark visits Twilight and Eclipse and tells them that she is their mother. Their father also appears, but he does not point out his name to his children.

Skylark watches her children from The Starlit Skies. Mossnose is her Roleplayer

Skylark doesn't like star dragons picking on living dragons, and sometimes threatens them if they do. She nearly injures Chrysanthos and Daylina because Chrysanthos threw stars at her and Daylina got in her way. She admits she liked living more than beng dead.

Early Life

Skylark was one of the first elemntals to be born, before wars broke out between the dragon species. Life was peaceful, and there was prey plentiful for everyone.

Skylark was in her teenage years when the wars started, when the prey disappreared and dragons started dying.

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