Slither's Childhood

"Shiney, stop attacking me!" Her mother yowled. Shiney let out a grunt. She had no one to play with exept for Dusty, Ginger, Moss, Metal and Squeak. It may sound like a lot but they always picked on her. "Hey Shiney, I dare you to eat the crow-food," Moss taunted. "Yeah, eat that long dead rat!" Squeak agreed. Shiney whipped around. "I'm no dummy! I know it will make me sick," she meowed tartly. "The young and weak die when there is no food. The strong rise and the weak die in the shadows. The strong are meant to be in the light!" Ginger meowed. "and you're called the weak," She added softly. Shiney's mother cuffed her siblings in the ears. "Stop it! Go and find some food if you want to be useful," She meowed scornfully. Ginger made a sour face and Moss pointed her head and tail high and stalked off.

"Code?" She heard a voice hiss from the dark shadows of an abandoned twoleg nest. Slither saw her mother prick her ears. "Zap?" She responed. A black tom emerged from the shadows. "Code, I thought I had lost you!" Zap meowed skipping towards her. "This is our family." She murmured. Zap looked at her littermates. This must be her father! "Father?" She meowed stepping forward. Zap looked at her. "Hm, this one reminds me of Percy." He meowed his eyes holding a fire full of hatred. "Who's kits are they?" He snarled pinning her mother to the ground. Code squirmed under his grip. "I don't know," she replied. Zap let her go. "You have three days to prove they are mine, or else," He hissed in her face before dashing away. Code let out a sigh. "The problem is they are Percy's," She muttered.

Shiney couldn't understand what had happened. "Ma, what was that about?" She asked. Her mother just shooed her away with her tail. "Another time. Shiney," She muttered and padded away to find something to eat.