The fault of one can be greater than a fault of many.
Snowfoot to Nightshadow and Dustwind (ShC) in Snowfoot's Prophecy

Snowfoot is a pure white she-cat with green eyes. She is a fighter, a true warrior. Snowfoot is the main character of Snowfoot's Prophecy.


Birchfur - Foster Mother

Longface - Foster Father

Darkstar - Birth Father

Poppyleaf - Birth Mother

Nightwhisper - Birth Brother

Dustwind (ShC) - Birth Brother

Foxeyes - Half-Brother

Rainclaw - Half-Sister

Lionshade - Half-Sister


Before the Writing

Snowkit, Nightkit, and Sandkit, are just born to Darkstar and Poppyleaf. Medicine cats can't have kits, so she dropped them off with the only queen in the nursery at the time, Birchfur. Her mate, Longface, had died in battle just before. Darkstar claimed that the mother and father of the kits had not been able to keep them. Birchfur agreed to nurse them as her own.

Snowfoot's Prophecy

Coming Soon!


  • Snowfoot was never an apprentice
  • She refuses to believe that Dustpaw isn't evil
  • Snowfoot never particularly liked Pineheart

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