Spitfire is a a greenish-gray dragon with strange, blue and red circle markings on his wings and hind leg. He has blue eyes and dark blue, curved horns.

Additional Info

Spitfire was born to to two unknown parents. His sister is Seafire, and he can be very overprotective of her. He is very strong and agile, and can out run or fly other dragons with ease. He can be very hostile, but would never hurt anyone without a reason to. Just like his sister, he knows a lot about medicine.

Icy's Artwork

Spitfire Drawing


  • The Spitfire (plane) is a single-seat fighter aircraft that was used by the RAF in World War Two. Spitfire (dragon) was named after this fighter and his character design is very similar to how the plane was painted. It is Icy's second favorite World War Two fighter aircraft after the North American P-51 Mustang.

The Spitfire Plane<-- Spitfire (Plane)

  • Both he and his sister are double-jointed.

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